ISS Workshop

ISS Workshop Guidelines

These guidelines are here to encourage a beneficial workshop experience for all.

Our Goals:

  • To help songwriters write the song they want to write, not the song we want them to write.
  • To help songwriters become the songwriter they want to become, not the songwriter we want them to be.

Comments and discussions can range from passionate to hilarious, but may also become unintentionally awkward or uncomfortable. These Guidelines address the issues that come up most often. Participants are expected to be familiar with them.

At the heart of the ISS is the Songwriter’s Workshop. Here is an opportunity for anyone to present an original song to a group of fellow songwriters and receive positive, constructive comments.

There is a limit of one song per-writer. Bring an acoustic guitar or CD. A piano is available for keyboard players. Please bring 20+ copies of your lyrics if possible.

When and Where

To be announced. The workshops are on hold for a variety of reasons. If you are interested, drop us a line, give us a call or connect with us on Facebook.

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