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April Workshop

Monday, April 3rd

Five Towns College
Burrs Lane, Dix Hills, 11746 NY

Workshop: Room 213

Workshops will be held in room 213 for the rest of this semester. There have been some last minute shuffles. So, if you show up and we’re not in Room 213, please look in the rooms down the hall.

May Workshop

Monday, May 1st

Five Towns College
Burrs Lane, Dix Hills, 11746 NY

Welcome Songwriters

The Island Songwriter Showcase (ISS) is a Long Island-based organization of songwriters, lyricists, and performers. We get together to share and develop our passion for the art and craft of songwriting. Our goal is become better songwriters and help others do the same.

Read about us here.

Membership is free, but if you’d like to make it official, our application form is here.


The ISS would like to thank and acknowledge the following organizations:

Five Towns College
Greater Port Jeff Arts Council


Nashville Songwriters Assoc. Intl.

Folk Music Society of Huntington

Workshop Calendar


  • May 1st, Monday
  • June 5th, Monday
  • August 7th, Monday

For a description, directions and the ISS Workshop Guide, please click here.

Bellmore Memorial Library Showcase

The ISS wishes to thank Estelle Henrich and Mike Svezia for producing the Bellmore Showcase series. We also wish to thank Patty Paris from the library for hosting, and thank Alice Hayden for the lovely flyers. We are also thankful to Jack Finkenberg, Jim Baron, Mike Christian and others who have provided sound reinforcement. A special thanks to Suzanne Ernst for supporting several performers with background vocals and guitar. Finally, we also want to thank all the songwriters for sharing their fine performances, authentic stories and musical gifts.

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